Parish Council Transparency Code

The Department for Communities and Local Government published the Transparency code for smaller local authorities. This code requires that Parish councils, with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000, such as us, should publish by July 1st: 

All items of expenditure above £100 
For each individual item of expenditure the following information must be published: 
a. date the expenditure was incurred, 
b. summary of the purpose of the expenditure, 
c. the amount, and
d. Value Added Tax that cannot be recovered.  
End of year accounts 
Publish signed statement of accounts according to the format included in the Annual Return form. It should be accompanied by: 
a. a copy of the bank reconciliation for the relevant financial year, 
b. an explanation of any significant variances (e.g. more than 10-15 percent) in the statement of accounts for the relevant year and previous year, and 
c. an explanation of any differences between ‘balances carried forward’ and ‘total cash and short term investments’, if applicable. 
Annual governance statement 
Publish signed annual governance statement according to the format included in the Annual Return form.  Explain any negative responses to governance statements, including how any weaknesses will be addressed. 
Internal audit report
Publish signed internal audit report according to the format included in the Annual Return form. Explain any negative response to the internal controls objectives, including how any weaknesses will be addressed.  Explain any ‘not covered’ responses to internal controls objectives.  

List of councillor or member responsibilities  
 Annual publication of councillor or member responsibilities: 
a) names of all councillors or members, 
b) committee or board membership and function  (if Chairman or Vice-Chairman), and  
c) representation on external local public bodies  (if nominated to represent the authority or board). 

Location of public land and building assets 
 Annual publication of the details of all public land and building assets – either in its full asset and liabilities register or as an edited version. 
Minutes, agendas and papers of formal meetings
Publication of draft minutes from all formal meetings not later than one month after the meeting has taken place.  
Publication of meeting agendas and associated meeting papers not later than three clear days before the meeting to which they relate is taking place. 

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