There are 21 local footpaths covering walks of 14,797 metres (9.19 miles) in the parish all identified on the new Standard Map.

Click on the link below and zoom in to the local area.

Footpath identification numbers are now shown with the Parish Code and can be separated into two or more sections.

The old footpath 2 (which forms part of the Brenda Parker Way) is now shown as 106/2/1 and 106/2/2. 106 denotes the parish of Hartley Wespall and the last digit refers to the section. You will also see that the length of the path is shown in metres.

          Definitive Map Definitive Map

If you want to report something to the Parish Council, you can identify the location on the maps of local footpaths..

Also please report any problem to

Please also let the Parish Clerk aware of any problem on

The Local Area Map shown on the document below is a screen shot of what can be seen on the Standard Map. 

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